Noble Coliseum Champion's Cudgel
Noble Coliseum Champion's Axial
Noble Coliseum Champion's Shield
Coliseum Champion's Cudgel
Noble Coliseum Champion's Brand
Noble Coliseum Champion's Shakujo
Noble Coliseum Champion's Glaive
Noble Coliseum Champion's Claymore
Noble Coliseum Champion's Arquebus
Coliseum Champion's Peacemaker
Noble Coliseum Champion's Flatbow
Noble Coliseum Champion's Viol
Noble Coliseum Champion's Globe
Noble Coliseum Champion's Grimoire
Noble Coliseum Champion's Poniard
Prowess Sword
Prowess Mace
Prowess Dagger
Prowess Orb
Prowess Greatsword
Prowess Polearm
Prowess Staff
Prowess Cipherblade
Prowess Bow
Prowess Pistol
Prowess Aethercannon
Prowess Harp
NPC 4.0 and Lower Tiamat Mythic Cipher-Blade
NPC Tiamat Mythic Harp
NPC Tiamat Mythic Aethercannon
NPC Tiamat Mythic Pistol
NPC Tiamat Mythic Bow
NPC Tiamat Mythic Staff
NPC Tiamat Mythic Polearm
NPC Tiamat Mythic Greatsword
NPC Tiamat Mythic Spellbook
NPC Tiamat Mythic Orb
NPC Tiamat Mythic Dagger
NPC Tiamat Mythic Mace
NPC Tiamat Mythic Sword
Mau Throwing Spear
Stormbringer Staff
Padmarashka's Raging Harp Skin
Fanatic NPC Bow
Fanatic NPC Staff
Fanatic NPC Polearm
Fanatic NPC Greatsword
Fanatic NPC Spellbook
Fanatic NPC Orb
Fanatic NPC Dagger
Fanatic NPC Mace
Fanatic NPC Sword
Soul Monster Bow
Soul Monster Staff
Soul Monster Polearm
Soul Monster Greatsword
Soul Monster Spellbook
Soul Monster Orb
Soul Monster Dagger
Soul Monster Mace
Asmodian Soul Monster Sword
npc PvE Special Strengthened Cipher-Blade
npc PvE Special Strengthened Harp
npc PvE Special Strengthened Aethercannon
npc PvE Special Strengthened Pistol
npc PvE Special Strengthened Bow
npc PvE Special Strengthened Staff
npc PvE Special Strengthened Polearm
npc PvE Special Strengthened Greatsword
npc PvE Special Strengthened Spellbook
npc PvE Special Strengthened Orb
npc PvE Special Strengthened Dagger
npc PvE Special Strengthened Mace
npc PvE Special Strengthened Sword
npc PvP Special Strengthened Cipher-Blade
npc PvP Special Strengthened Harp
npc PvP Special Strengthened Aethercannon
npc PvP Special Strengthened Pistol
npc PvP Special Strengthened Bow
npc PvP Special Strengthened Staff
npc PvP Special Strengthened Polearm
npc PvP Special Strengthened Greatsword
npc PvP Special Strengthened Spellbook
npc PvP Special Strengthened Orb
npc PvP Special Strengthened Dagger
npc PvP Special Strengthened Mace
npc PvP Special Strengthened Sword
Phantom Tiger's Cipher-Blade
Phantom Tiger's Harp
Phantom Tiger's Aethercannon
Phantom Tiger's Pistol
Phantom Tiger's Bow
Phantom Tiger's Staff
Phantom Tiger's Polearm
Phantom Tiger's Greatsword
Phantom Tiger's Spellbook
Phantom Tiger's Orb
Phantom Tiger's Dagger
Phantom Tiger's Mace
Phantom Tiger's Sword
Gurriki Off Hand Dagger 01
Gurriki Main Hand Dagger 01
Gurriki Orb 01
Gurriki Mace 01
Gurriki Greatsword 01
Dark Lord's Desire (Skin)
Dark Lord's Passion (Skin)
Dark Lord's Courage (Skin)
Dark Lord's Resolve (Skin)
Dark Lord's Jealousy (Skin)
Dark Lord's Pride (Skin)
Dark Lord's Greed (Skin)
Dark Lord's Hatred (Skin)
Dark Lord's Distrust (Skin)
Dark Lord's Arrogance (Skin)
Dark Lord's Murderous Intent (Skin)
Dark Lord's Delight (Skin)
Dark Lord's Wrath (Skin)
Malefic Cipher-Blade
Malefic Harp
Malefic Aethercannon
Malefic Pistol
Malefic Bow
Malefic Staff
Malefic Polearm
Malefic Two-handed Sword
Malefic Sword
Malefic Mace
Malefic Dagger
Malefic Orb
Malefic Spellbook
Dazzling Daevanion Cipher-Blade Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Harp Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Aethercannon Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Pistol Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Bow Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Staff Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Polearm Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Greatsword Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Orb Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Orb Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Dagger Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Mace Skin
Dazzling Daevanion Sword Skin
NPC Weapon U001I Cipher-Blade
NPC Weapon U001G Cipher-Blade
NPC Weapon U001C Cipher-Blade
NPC Daru Aethertech Ivory Cipher-Blade
NPC Daru Aethertech Cipher-Blade
NPC Panda Aethertech Cipher-Blade
NPC Panda Aethertech Pink Cipher-Blade
NPC Cat Tuning Cipher-Blade03
NPC World Event Cipher-Blade
NPC World Event Harp
NPC World Event Aethercannon
NPC World Event Pistol
NPC World Event Bow
NPC World Event Long Staff
NPC World Event Polearm
NPC World Event Greatsword
NPC World Event Spellbook
NPC World Event Orb
NPC World Event Dagger
NPC World Event Mace
NPC World Event Sword
NPC Ahserion's Flight Cipher-Blade
NPC Ahserion's Flight Pistol
NPC Ahserion's Flight Pistol
NPC Ahserion's Flight Pistol
NPC Ahserion's Flight Bow
NPC Ahserion's Flight Staff
NPC Ahserion's Flight Polearm
NPC Ahserion's Flight Greatsword
NPC Ahserion's Flight Spellbook
NPC Ahserion's Flight Orb
NPC Ahserion's Flight Dagger
NPC Ahserion's Flight Mace
NPC Ahserion's Flight Sword
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Cipher-Blade
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Harp
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Aethercannon
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Pistol
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Bow
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Staff
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Polearm
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Greatsword
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Spellbook
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Orb
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Dagger
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Sword
NPC Illuminary Obelisk Strengthened Sword
NPC Idgel Dome Cipher-Blade
NPC Idgel Dome Harp
NPC Idgel Dome Aethercannon
NPC Idgel Dome Pistol
NPC Idgel Dome Bow
NPC Idgel Dome Staff
NPC Idgel Dome Polearm
NPC Idgel Dome Greatsword
NPC Idgel Dome Spellbook
NPC Idgel Dome Dagger
NPC Idgel Dome Orb
NPC Idgel Dome Mace
NPC Idgel Dome Sword
Immortal Knight's Mace
NPC AbyssHighTuning Cipher-Blade
NPC AbyssHighTuning Harp
NPC AbyssHighTuning Aethercannon
NPC AbyssHighTuning Pistol
NPC AbyssHighTuning Bow
NPC AbyssHighTuning Cane
NPC AbyssHighTuning Polearm
NPC AbyssHighTuning Spellbook
NPC AbyssHighTuning Spellbook
NPC AbyssHighTuning Orb
NPC AbyssHighTuning Dagger
NPC AbyssHighTuning Mace
NPC AbyssHighTuning Sword
NPC 65 Daevanion Keyblade
NPC 65 Daevanion Harp
NPC 65 Daevanion Great Cannon
NPC 65 Daevanion Pistol
NPC 65 Daevanion Bow
NPC 65 Daevanion Staff
NPC 65 Daevanion Polearm
NPC 65 Daevanion Greatsword
NPC 65 Daevanion Jewel
NPC 65 Daevanion Dagger
NPC 65 Daevanion Mace
NPC 65 Daevanion Long Sword
Master Noble Durable Nanyu Sword Skin
Master's Noble Durable Nanyu Mace Skin
Master Noble Durable Drenium Dagger Skin
Master Noble Durable Darkwater Orb Skin
Master Noble Durable Darkwater Tome Skin
Master Noble Durable Drenium Greatsword Skin
Master Noble Durable Drenium Polearm Skin
Master Noble Durable Nanyu Staff Skin
Master Noble Durable Nanyu Bow Skin
NPC Balic Sword (3.0)
NPC Balic Mace (3.0)
NPC Balic Dagger (3.0)
NPC Balic Orb (3.0)
NPC Balic Spellbook (3.0)
NPC Balic Greatsword (3.0)
NPC Balic Polearm (3.0)
NPC Balic Staff (3.0)
NPC Balic Bow (3.0)
NPC Crafted Balic Pistol
NPC Crafted Balic Aethercannon
NPC Crafted Balic Harp
NPC 4.0 and Lower Dramata Cipher-Blade
Surama's Sword Skin
Surama's Mace Skin
Surama's Orb Skin
Surama's Spellbook Skin
Surama's Greatsword Skin
Surama's Polearm Skin
Surama's Staff Skin
Surama's Bow Skin
Orashunerk's Dipper
Surama's Bow Skin
NPC 4.0 Abyss Normal Asmodian Cipher-Blade
NPC 4.0 Field Drop Cipher-Blade
Dukaki Peon's Shovel Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Sword Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Warhammer Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Dagger Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Jewel Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Spellbook Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Greatsword Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Polearm Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Staff Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Longbow Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Pistol Skin
Padmarashka's Raging Aethercannon Skin
NPC_Housing Sword_02
NPC_Housing Mace_02
NPC_Housing Dagger_02
NPC_Housing Orb_02
NPC_Housing Spellbook_02
NPC_Housing Greatsword_02
NPC_Housing Polearm_02
NPC_Housing Staff_02
NPC_Housing Bow_02
NPC Aris Weapon Magic Gun
NPC Aris Weapon String Instrument
NPC Housing Lily Cipher-Blade
Tiamat Guard's Sword Skin
Tiamat Guard's Mace Skin
Tiamat Guard's Dagger Skin
Tiamat Guard's Orb Skin
Tiamat Guard's Spellbook
Tiamat Guard's Greatsword
Tiamat Guard's Polearm
Tiamat Guard's Staff
Tiamat Guard's Bow
Tiamat Guard's Pistol
Tiamat Guard's Aethercannon
Tiamat Guard's Harp
NPC 4.0 and Lower Tiamat Hero Cipher-Blade
NPC Tiamat Eternal Shield
Stormbringer Staff
Gurriki Orb 01
NPC Abyss Sword (3.0)
NPC Abyss Mace (3.0)
NPC Abyss Dagger (3.0)
NPC Abyss Orb (3.0)
NPC Abyss Spellbook (3.0)
NPC Abyss Greatsword (3.0)
NPC Abyss Polearm (3.0)
NPC Abyss Staff (3.0)
NPC Abyss Bow (3.0)
NPC Tahabata's Pistol
NPC Tahabata's Aethercannon
NPC Tahabata's Harp
Tahabata's Cipher-Blade
Tahabata's Sword Skin
Tahabata's Warhammer Skin
Tahabata's Dagger Skin
Tahabata's Jewel Skin
Tahabata's Tome Skin
Tahabata's Greatsword Skin
Tahabata's Spear Skin
Tahabata's Staff Skin
Tahabata's Longbow Skin
Pirate's Cutlass
Pirate's Marlinespike
Pirate's Deck-Blade
Pirate's Orb
Pirate's Treasure Map
Pirate's Flintlock
Pirate's Mast-Hack
Pirate's Brutalizer
Pirate's Figurehead
Pirate's Switchbow
Pirate's Long Nine
Pirate's Banjo
Pirate’s Skullspike
Silion's Sword Skin
Silion's Mace Skin
Silion's Dagger Skin
Silion's Orb Skin
Silion's Spellbook Skin
Silion's Greatsword Skin
Silion's Polearm Skin
Silion's Staff Skin
Silion's Bow Skin
Frigid Cipher-Blade Skin
Empinerk's Cipher-Blade
Electro Cipher-Blade Skin
Snaggeltooth Cipher-Blade Skin
Coldsteel Harp Skin
[Event] Pureheart Sword
[Event] Pureheart Mace
[Event] Pureheart Dagger
[Event] Pureheart Orb
[Event] Pureheart Tome
[Event] Pureheart Greatsword
[Event] Pureheart Spear
[Event] Pureheart Staff
[Event] Pureheart Bow
[Event] Pureheart Pistol
[Event] Pureheart Aethercannon
[Event] Pureheart Harp
[Event] Pureheart Cipher-Blade
[Event] Heartseeker Sword
[Event] Heartseeker Mace
[Event] Heartseeker Dagger
[Event] Heartseeker Orb
[Event] Heartseeker Tome
[Event] Heartseeker Greatsword
[Event] Heartseeker Spear
[Event] Heartseeker Staff
[Event] Heartseeker Bow
[Event] Heartseeker Pistol
[Event] Heartseeker Aethercannon
[Event] Heartseeker Harp
[Event] Heartseeker Cipher-Blade
Beloved Sword
Beloved Mace
Beloved Dagger
Beloved Orb
Beloved Tome
Beloved Greatsword
Beloved Polearm
Beloved Staff
Beloved Bow
Beloved Pistol
Beloved Aethercannon
Beloved Harp
Beloved Cipher-Blade
Scarlet Aether Blade
Emerald Aether Blade
Aether Blade
Sartuan's Snack
Mellin's Treat
Siel's Timepiece
Rosetta's Tablet
Cataclysm's Jaws
Lux's Glow
Israphel's Might
Artemana's Antlers
Drakenfang Pistol Skin
Flutterlight Sonata Skin
Enraged Veille's Sword Skin
Enraged Veille's Warhammer Skin
Enraged Veille's Dagger Skin
Enraged Veille's Jewel Skin
Enraged Veille's Tome Skin
Enraged Veille's Greatsword Skin
Enraged Veille's Spear Skin
Enraged Veille's Staff Skin
Enraged Veille's Longbow Skin
Enraged Veille's Pistol Skin
Enraged Veille's Aethercannon Skin
Enraged Veille's Harp Skin
Enraged Veille's Cipher-Blade Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Sword Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Mace Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Dagger Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Orb Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Spellbook Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Greatsword Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Polearm Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Staff Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Bow Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Pistol Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Aethercannon Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Harp Skin
Enraged Mastarius' Cipher-Blade Skin
Voidtrace Cipher-Blade
[Event] Audron Sword
[Event] Audron Dagger
[Event] Audron Orb
[Event] Audron Spellbook
[Event] Audron Greatsword
[Event] Audron Polearm
[Event] Audron Staff
[Event] Audron Bow
Voidtrace Pistol
Voidtrace Aethercannon
Voidtrace Harp
Golden Sword
Golden Mace
Golden Dagger
Golden Orb
Golden Spellbook
Golden Greatsword
Golden Spear
Golden Staff
Golden Bow
Shadow Wraith Katana
Shadow Wraith Odachi
Shadow Wraith Ono
Shadow Wraith Bo
Shadow Wraith Yumi
Shadow Wraith Hachiwara
Shadow Wraith Tanegashima
Shadow Wraith Tetsuho
Shadow Wraith Kansubon
Shadow Wraith Shuriken
Shadow Wraith Kokyuu
Shadow Wraith Kamayari
Shadow Wraith Tetsukagi
Wild Kitter's Sword
Wild Kitter's Mace
Wild Kitter's Dagger
Wild Kitter's Jewel
Wild Kitter's Spellbook
Wild Kitter's Greatsword
Wild Kitter's Polearm
Wild Kitter's Staff
Wild Kitter's Bow
Wild Kitter's Pistol
Wild Kitter's Aethercannon
Wild Kitter's Harp
Wild Kitter's Cipher-Blade