[Motion Card] Inline Skating
[Motion Card] Little Spring Shop
[Motion Card] Campfire with Doquri
[Motion Card] Windfire Wheel
[Motion Card] Birthday Celebration
[Motion Card] Lantern Shop
[Motion Card] Fly a Sky Lantern
[Motion Card] Floating Ballon
[Motion Card] Diving
[Motion Card] Fluttering Dandallion
[Motion Card] Pink Parasol twirl
[Motion Card] Finger Heart
[Motion Card] What Does Snow Taste Like
[Motion Card] Cutie Dance
[Motion Card] Hand fan
[Motion Card] Special Signboard
[Motion Card] Winter rest
[Motion Card] Ice Skate
[Motion Card] Rest in Peace
[Motion Card] Meditate
[Motion Card] Yoga
[Motion Card] Somersault
[Motion Card] Hold on, Im busy!
[Motion Card] Fireworks
[Motion Card] Fun Outing
[Motion Card] Enenrgy Concentration)
[Motion Card] Moderner Private Shop
[Motion Card] Stormbringer
[Motion Card] The Dragon's Set
[Motion Card] New Concept Shop Sign
[Emotion Card] The Dragon's Taunt
[Emotion Card] Wave Glowstick
[Emotion Card] 'Pop Legend'
[Emotion Card] 'Forbidden Dance'
[Emotion Card] 'Flirt'
[Emotion Card] Cancan
[Emotion Card] Diving
[Emotion Card] Juggling
[Emotion Card] Scatter Petals
[Emotion Card] Play the Drum
[Emotion Card] Paper Airplane
[Emotion Card] Playing Dead
[Emotion Card] Serenade
[Emotion Card] Sing
[Emotion Card] Hug Me
[Emotion Card] 'Hip Hop'
[Emotion Card] 'Aion Boogie'
[Emotion Card] Blow Bubbles
[Emotion Card] Play the Saxophone
[Emotion Card] Chew Bubblegum
[Emotion Card] Rock!
[Emotion Card] Scissors!
[Emotion Card] Paper!
[Emotion Card] Flag O
[Emotion Card] Flag X
[Emotion Card] Floor Sweep
[Emotion Card] Surrender
[Emotion Card] Point Fingers
[Emotion Card] Serving an Omelette
[Emotion Card] Flag 0
[Emotion Card] Flag 1
[Emotion Card] Flag 2
[Emotion Card] Flag 3
[Emotion Card] Flag 4
[Emotion Card] Flag 5
[Emotion Card] Flag 6
[Emotion Card] Flag 7
[Emotion Card] Flag 8
[Emotion Card] Flag 9
[Emotion Card] Snowman
[Emotion Card] Batter
[Emotion Card] Pitcher
[Emotion Card] Catcher
[Emotion Card] '2DT' Dance, Part 1
[Emotion Card] '2DT' Dance, Part 2
[Emotion Card] '2DT' Dance, Part 3
[Emotion Card] 'Tell Me' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Nobody' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Shut Up' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Bad Girl' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Because of You' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Again Crab Leg' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Fluttering Heart' Dance
[Emotion Card] 'Pitapat' Dance
[Emotion Card] "You and I" Dance
[Emotion Card] "I Put a Spell On You" Dance
[Emotion Card] "Call My Name" Dance
[Emotion Card] "Can't Get Enough of Him" Dance
[Emotion Card] "Tearful" Dance
[Emotion Card] Sing "You and I"
[Emotion Card] Sing "Good Day"
[Emotion Card] Kowtow
[Emotion Card] Clumsy Kowtow
Transformation: White Tiger IV
Transformation: White Tiger IV
Summon Divine Mirror IV
Summon Divine Mirror IV
Fear: Poppy I
Sleep: Frightcorn I